Diamond Harbour & Districts Health Support Group


Help to expand and modernise Diamond Harbour Medical Centre to meet the needs of health providers and our growing local community. 

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We are a community charity that built and owns the building which has been used to provide community health services for Diamond Harbour and the surrounding district for over 30 years. 

In response to an obvious and urgent need, on 23 November 1991 an astonishing feat was achieved in our community. The structure of the Diamond Harbour Medical Centre was constructed in 24 hours with volunteer labour by persons who were all over 60 years of age.

The project was funded with an average $100 donation from 92% of households approached and a $30,000 loan from the Banks Peninsula District Council. Since then the Medical Centre has enabled the provision of health services that goes “above and beyond” to meet the medical needs of the Diamond Harbour and Districts community.

The Medical Centre is now 30 years old. The building lacks many features that are required of a modern facility that serves a growing community. The Medical Centre building needs to be extended, modernised, and updated.

We are calling once again on the support of those within our community to help us reach our funding goal and make this become a reality. 


3D concept image portraying proposed medical centre upgrade


The Diamond Harbour Medical Centre has been offering an essential service to the community for over 30 years. It services not only Diamond Harbour, but the surrounding areas that rely on this essential facility. Our vision is to upgrade and extend the current building. 

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​Originally built over 30 years ago off the labour of passionate people who believed in the cause. Learn more about the fascinating story of how many hands (all over the age of 60) constructed the building in a 24 hour period!

Image showing supermarket owner standing outside with fundraising signs for the local medical centre upgrade


There are numerous ways you can offer your support from making a donation to helping us to spread the word. Find out more on what you can do to help.